Share Your Story

What’s your story? The most vital and compelling way you can connect with people is through a story. Story is the original medicine that heals our hearts and opens our minds. A compelling story equals trust, and trust equals a loyal following. There are awe-inspiring spring gems to be mined if we go just beneath the surface and tell our stories. In digging deep, your stories can be transformed from your prison to your platform. Your story is the elixir of your hero’s journey. 

Do you want to share a story? If so, just follow these three steps and you’ll be on your way to sharing a part of your journey to the community at VoiceBox!

  1. Come and join us at one of our monthly shows.
  2. Sign up on the sign-up sheet that we bring to our events or use our contact form in order to send us a message expressing your interest.
  3. Check out our upcoming themes on the homepage, and let that inspire a story, which you can also submit to us via the contact form.

Now you have everything that you need to tell your story. We’d love to hear what you have to say! With a passion for helping you find your voice, tell your stories, and own the spotlight, you’re sure to be set up for a great night of sharing and music.

Share Your Story

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